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Lasilinkki is a Finnish third-generation family company that manufactures glazing solutions for both private and professional interior design and construction. Versatility is a great resource that allows us to offer functional and durable products for a wide range of glass applications.

Essis by Lasilinkki’s interior glass designs include tailored glass solutions to our customers as well as Essis Collection’s interior glass products. Our superpower is craftsmanship and unique recycled and melted glass products. Behind everything we do works a team of our own glass masters and Finnish designers, who are passionate about glass.

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Essis by Lasilinkki

We are a the team of Finnish glass masters and designers who work with passion for glass. Our mission is to bring luxury artisan feeling to every home and office space. We believe in Scandinavian design, responsibility and our family-owned roots in everything we do.

Our Essis collection is a high quality interior brand that highlights unique recycled and melted glass products with special patterns in various colors from classic transparent to shades of brown and blue. We are super proud of our unique handprint.

The most popular patterns are stripes and retro circles – all of our melted patterned products are handmade and tempered safety glass.

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Essis – Thinking of glass.

Stripes are us

With our striped glasses you can implement versatile interior design solutions. Striped glass is ideal for shower and sauna rooms, intermediate doors, glass walls and glass sliding doors. Striped glass is also great for public spaces, such as dishwasher glass or glass furniture.

You can choose from  eight different colors; clear, optiwhite (extra clear), azur, green, blue, bronze, grey and dark grey. The striping is vivid and rises clearly from the surface of the glass, the other side of the glass is smoother. To find more details, go to our brochure.

The new Retro

The new model, Retro, was born from the need for designer Minna Haapakoski to have a sauna door in her leisure apartment.

“I got a message from Minna at the end of January, she was looking for a little more special sauna door for their holiday home and noticed our opportunity to customize the patterns on the glass doors. The beautiful pattern designed by Minna worked so wonderfully on the glass that we definitely wanted to include it in our collection as a permanent model, ”says Essi Sundman creative director and CEO of Lasilinkki

The pattern of the retro surface is elevated and vibrant. Made by hand in our workshop in Kuopio. Tempered glass doors withstand moisture and strong temperature fluctuations. This is also available in 8 different colors, to see more go to our brochure.


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